Jailbreak cage match: Windows 8 tablets vs. the Library of Congress

A battle could be brewing between Microsoft and the Library of Congress over the right to jailbreak tablets that support the new Windows on ARM (WOA) architecture.

The showdown would be a replay of a similar case in 2010 when Apple opposed allowing jailbreaking iPhones but lost, making it legal to unlock the phones to install software not approved by Apple or to get the phones to work with carriers other than those authorized by Apple.

In announcing Windows 8, Microsoft says that WOA PCs -- which include tablets and other devices powered by the power-crimping ARM processors -- "will be serviced only through Windows or Microsoft Update, and consumer apps will only come from the Windows Store. ... A WOA PC will feel like a consumer electronics device in terms of how it is used and managed." ... 続きを読む



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